Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Antoinette's first full day in Jozi (with me anyway)

Today was very busy and great! First we went to visit Ant's grandma, then we went to The Mall in Rosebank, and The Zone. I've never been there before, but she has. We also took my car in for his 15 000km service, and he feels brand new! They even washed him for me, so he's all shiny! Then the two of us went to Melville, where we browsed around in the bookshop, and had some AMAZING fudge ice-cream (me) and hot chocolate (Ant).
After supper, we went to have coffee at Suzanne's place! Ant and Suz haven't seen each other in years... And they have the CUTEST kitty cat!!! Miss mine SO MUCH... :-(

Not sure what we're doing tomorrow... but it WILL be fun!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, Good wishes from France! It's wonderful to see you're doing so well. I'm really out of it...in the midst of 32° heat here, I was amazed to see everyone wearing scarves and warm clothing in your pictures!

Réjane (Paris)