Friday, July 25, 2008

Back in Joburg!!!!

This week has been pretty busy, and I'm glad it's Friday evening at last!!! Plus I survived my first almost-cold!!!! My sore throated-ness is completely gone, and sinusses better/ almost gone. Can't say the same for my poor dad though... he has serious flu, and has evacuated to Pretoria in order not to come close to me!!! So I'm alone for the weekend, which suits me just fine!!
My favourite friend from Pretoria, Patricia, is coming through to JHB tomorrow, and will probably spend the night here!! Going to be lots of fun!!
Got myself a DVD for tonight, so I'm going to be chilling and watching that and eating something yummy I got for dessert (because I DIDN'T get something nice on my anniversary on Tuesday!!). But first I'm catching up on facebook and all the blogs I read while listening to Coldplay!!!
The extremely cute and funny pic on the left here is just because I miss my kitty's SO MUCH... Next time I'm home in PE I think I'll be spending an entire day just with them!!!!

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walkingbyfaith said...

You have a facebook?? Add me. :)

Hope you enjoy your weekend!