Friday, July 18, 2008


So Nelson Mandela is 90 today!!!! Everywhere you look/go/listen you just hear people wishing him happy birthday and talking about it. Even at the hosp there were black and white balloons (mmm... interesting choice of colour...) everywhere! Took a pic from my phone!! There was even a huge poster on the wall in the main passage where you could write him a message... I didn't bother, because it's not like he's going to read all of it!!!

So here are my pretty new CT scan pics... and
then the old one just for comparison... (I'm sure I don't need to tell you which is which...) The fine white lines are blood vessels, and the 1/2 biggish 'holes' are my trachea and stuff. Apparently they look fine and there's nothing to worry about and I can relax. No rejection or anything. FEV1% was 92% today. So I'm officially not worrying anymore, and can breathe again. Pun intended. FeNO ( I THINK it stands for Forced expiratory Nitric Oxide) was 18 again. Still want that a bit lower.

A guy I know and have been chatting with over the web now and again, Matt Todd, got lungs during the night!!! SOOO excited for him!! Visit his Caringbridge site at Seems like he's doing great!! Gina is still struggling with pneumonia, and isn't doing too well... I REALLY hope she pulls through, no-one deserves it more than her.

Did some hard gymming late this afternoon, and watching a dvd with my dad tonight. The only plans I've got for the weekend so far is going to the Children's Teatre to see Cinderella with Aerin and Jenny. Looking forward to it a lot, as it was my favourite fairytale as a child. Even my imaginery friend's (yes I had one...) name was Aspoestertjie, which is the Afrikaans version of the name Cinderella!!! And going to church on Sunday and having coffee with a guy from church afterwards. So should be fun. Enjoy yours!!


kidsworld said...

Missed your daily postings, but glad life is keeping you so busy that you're moving on! Thanks for the comparison photos - simply amazing! What we take for granted with healthy lungs...

refreshing in ohio, usa

Mc Clarey said...

WOW your new lungs look amazing hun!!!!!


Alicia said...

Thank you for posting that contrast! Your new lungs are beautiful!! I'm very happy for you!

Anonymous said...

I'm very glad that you are over your panic. I'm glad to say I TOLD YOU SO - Gail & I are at Colesburg tonight looking forward skaap vleis and boere kos. Lekker naweek.
P "Oom" L.

Bree said...

Look at those gorgeous new lungs of yours! They're perfect! Hopefully soon I will have the same thing to see! it's great to see a contrast between the old and new ones, b/c it really allows us to see what we're looking at! Beforehand i wasn't sure wtf i was looking at but now i know!

I think you should frame those! Truely beautiful! Glad you're back!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an amazing difference. I'm SO glad you're so healthy and doing so well, you're an inspiration!

Dragonfly said...


drained in sj said...

I think I am becoming a CF groupie. A friend sent me a link to CF Husband. From there I have started reading other blogs. Now, I realize, I am following the lives of a number of strangers with CF. I don't know if it is odd or not. I will let you decide.

I am glad you received good news from the doc.

I have always been an advocate of organ donation. Still, it is different to really see hear about someone benefiting from it.

Best wishes,