Monday, July 7, 2008

Good Monday

So... my lungies are fine! My FVC (forced vital capacity/volume) is 108%, and the FEV1% which was 91% was 95% today. But as the volume increases the FEV1% goes down a bit, because the total volume affects the FEV1%... so it's all good. The FeNO (nitric oxide) value was 19 (20 on Friday), so it would be good if that can still come down a bit more...

Played squash again this afternoon, and was great, even though I lost!!! Didn't play last week, as Craig was sick. The sis and I are watching DVD again tonight, and I HAVE to write an instablog article, because I'm WAY behind with all the visitors I've had!!

The first part of my story has also been released today, so if you haven't registered yet, please do!!!! And may I just add: ALL names used are coincidential!!!!!!


Jac said...

So glad to hear that your lung function is back up! It's funny how even 91% isn't good enough now. I am so desperate to get over 80% just now, and then I know I will just set another goal!

Playing squash? I hope I am half as fit at your stage :-)

Anonymous said...

hey alice

so glad your fev1 are up. must have been a guy that took some of your breath away. =) as dit moes gebeur het het ek laas week n moer hot meisie ontmoet want my fev was 36%. anyway ek het geregister vir jou short story ma kan noggi inlog om te vote nie. gan wee more probeer.

lekke aand!

Don, SA

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,
good to hear that you're doing very well. Take care!

Gizela said...

More Dolla!
Jou storie is fabulous sover! Geniet dit baie. Jy is omtrent 'n goeie skrywer! Het jy al daaraan gedink om dalk vir 'n tydskrif te skryf...
Mooi bly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice, my ma het artikel wat in Mei in die PE Sun was vir my Ierland toe gestuur. So bly dit gaan goed met jou, sal beslis jou progress op jou blog volg. Het ook jou blog adres vir Luke(my 2jarige seuntjie) se dr wat sy asma behandel(maar een van Ierland se CF experts is en baie passionate daaroor is) gegee, hy was ook baie excited om bietjie oor jou wereld te lees. Sterkte
Irma Groenewald (van Brightonrylaan 72, Summerstrand)

Boim Lebon said...

hi blog hopping here from have nice blog :D :D

Dragonfly said...

Glad to hear the lungies are behaving themselves (or that your little white cells are behaving themselves)!!

Anonymous said...

This is for Blogger from Indonesia,
Boin Lebon.

You choose a picture of your self smoking a cigarette to visit a blog which is initialted and visited by people from all over the World, who have lung problems and Cystic Fibrosis????????!!!!!!
Whatever is wrong with you dude is NO SMALL THING!!!!!
Get a life and start with stopping the smoking. With tears in my eyes.
Peter Leid (CF Man)