Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Instablog articles and tomorrow

I realised that I haven't linked my articles for quite a while!! (realised this while having a fight with some idiot who is slamming me for saying Mandela is a great man...) So here are the others I have written...

HIV rate declining

Does IQ affect your health?

Celebrating Youth Day...

Homeland for Afrikaners?

Amy Winehouse slowly killing herself?

The day Mandela dies

Today was nice, my Aunty Dine came for tea, I had lunch with Peter and met his wife and son, and had a great gym session. Not doing much tonight... just a bit of ironing! We're celebrating my sister's birthday tomorrow... her b-day is actually only on the 29th (she turns 21), but I won't be there, so we're doing our own little thing tomorrow... watch this space for pictures!!!

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