Sunday, July 27, 2008


So tomorrow I'm quickly going to the hosp for a FeNO and flow loop (FEV1), and then off to Pretoria. My nose is still stuffed up, but the results better be fine, because I'm sick of it jumping around.

Julian and I went to the Rosebank African craft market and the rooftop fleamarket, which was nice enough, but I was a bit irritated generally and hungry and just felt like going home. I did take pictures of some cool stuff though. The yellow man is a mime artist! Oh, and I loved that scooter full of bling!

I made us some yummy pasta when we got home, so felt better after that! Well anyway, I'm going to love and leave you now 'till Wednesday! I'm making brownies when I get back then, because last week was my turn to take eats to church cell group, and I wasn't there! So they all went hungry... So this week I'll be taking brownies! Just hope they come out OK!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
Sounds like only 1Kg of Prime Rump Steak with a Monkey Gland sauce is going to get you out the duldrums!!
Your post is excellent and I love the way you express the day in photo format. The mime guy looks like he was a ton of fun. It's cool the way you got the "MAN" sign above his head. The FeNO is the small stuff - as long as the working part betwen your ears is guaranteed untouched by human hands you're OK. See you later for a "blow loop" Peter Leid

Anonymous said...

Jammer om te hoor dat jou dag nie so lekker was nie en dat jy geïrreteerd was :(
Mis jou baie

Gustavjo said...

Ek hoop jy voel vandag sommer baie beter en dat die res van die week vir jou 'n plesier sal wees. Hey, geniet die vars lug!! Ek smoor nog:-)
'n Vriend vertel my eendag van die "awsome experience" wat hy gehad het met die klim van Kilomanjaro. Hy vertel "Dit was 'n awesome experience, ek het gesukkel om "awesome" te kry...!"