Friday, July 11, 2008


Have just come back from Rosebank where I witnessed my twist happening... seemed quite nice!! Should've just taken a bunch of flowers for myself though!!! Don't know why I didn't... Luckily I did pose with some!!

Went to fetch my parents at the airport this morning... have been awake since about 4am, so am very lazy!!! Think I'll just spend the afternoon reading!!!

We're going to Pretoria this weekend to visit my grandfather... so I'll be back on Sunday. My mom and sister leaving for PE on Sunday morning. So next week will be 'back to normal' for me...


Annelie said...


Ek het ge-vote! Nou is dit duim vas hou vir 6 weke!!
Annelie xx

Mc Clarey said...

ooooh im going to vote im just waiting for my conformation email so I can vote!!

Good luck :D !

Aimee said...

i just read your story and i loved it. i am going to vote for it =]

btw i found your blog from confessions of s cf husband.
i have cf as well.

you are a wonderfully talented writer.

SheBee said...

Hey Alice,

I've been popping in from time to time and thought I would finally de-lurk to say hi.

Your courage is amazing and you are such an inspiration. I've dealt with lung diseases myself and so I can relate what its like living with ever present oxygen and cannula tubes in and out of your nose.

I'll be back again, keep strong babe :)