Monday, July 14, 2008

BAD lung pic...

The very cool pic on the left here is a picture of a scan of my old lungs which my Dr was so kind as to e-mail to me!! I was taken during my work-up in Jan last year... exactly 1 year and 3 days before my transplant. And in that time my lungfunction probably dropped another 10% or more, so I don't even want to know what they looked like when I got the new lungs!! You don't need any medical background to know they look BAD!!!!

Speaking of which... I'm going for a FeNO (nitric oxide test) and flow loop (FEV1) test early tomorrow morning. A bit nervous!!! It better be good... WISH ME LUCK!!!!!


Destini said...

Yeah for the job!!

It is amazing when you sit back and reflect on the year or any amount of time that goes by...I look at where I was just 14 years ago...newly married, no children...time sure flies!
praying for good results for you!

Kelly said...

Good luck! Hope you have fun and gain lots with the new job (and I don't mean monetary gain although I'm sure that will be useful!).

Those old lungs look horrendous. I bet if you have a CT now you would look pristine :-) Incidently, what is your first name? It says Miss N not Miss A... (I'm nosey so feel free to ignore me - most folk do!!)

Alice said...

Kelly... My first name is Noline... really crappy name, which is why I don't use it!!

Kelly said...

Wow, I've never heard of that name before. I think it is quite pretty but Alice is a lovely name so I can understand you using that instead!

That is all by the by. Much more important are more good luck wishes with work. Can't wait to hear all about it later in the week. Take care and have fun :-)

Annelie said...

Alice, onthou jy het Ouma se naam, gelukkig lees sy nie jou blog nie.

Annelie xx

kidsworld said...

Would love to see a recent scan of your new lungs...Are the dark areas mucous? Amazing how far you've come!

What is the family business, might I ask? How exciting for you to be employed! I remember not too long ago how you dreamt of the day you went to work!

Katelyn said...

Alice, congratulations! I hope you have/had a great first day of work!

Bree said...


You'll kick arse at your new job and we will thoroughly miss your daily postings.

The old lungs look stellar btw. Don't knock them entirely! Afterall, mine still look craptacular!

Cheers lady!

drained in sj said...

It is nice to hear that things have been going pretty well for you. Sorry to hear the family left. You have a beautiful smile.
Best wishes,