Friday, August 8, 2008


Sooo... long time no blogging!!! I'm back in JHB after a very busy and rather draining week!!!! Going to enjoy the weekend A LOT... Firstly, tomorrow is Woman's Day in SA, AND my 200 day anniversary with the new lungs!!!! Can't believe it's been 200 days...

The lungs are acting a bit weird though... my cold is over, I'm not coughing anymore, but my fev1 seems to be lower than it should be when I blow on my little home FEV1-thingy that I don't trust... Have no idea why? Maybe an after-effect from the cold? Who knows... I don't feel short of breath and not wheezing and feeling just fine. Having lung functions and the works done on Monday so will see what the verdict is...

THEN... SOME IMPORTANT NEWS!!!!! Annelie, my aunt, is doing a charity run for CF in the UK... The GREAT NORTH RUN... a half-marathon!!!! The pic is taken from her fundraising web-site... GO THERE AND DONATE MONEY FOR CF PLEASE!!!!!! Make a difference in the lives of Cystics in the UK!!!!

I'm going for supper and a movie tonight with Suzanne! Looking forward to it!!! Will probably see the new Batman movie, which will be strange, seeing as Heath Ledger died on the day that I got my lungs... It was quite weird waking up in ICU and hearing that a celeb died while you were getting the GIFT OF LIFE...

And speaking of which.... August is ORGAN DONATION MONTH in SA... quite fitting, as it's also my birthday month!!!! So give me the ultimate birthday prezzie and become an organ donor... just go to You've got untill the 31st... cos that's when my birthday is!!!!!


Annelie said...

Thank-you for putting my fundraising page on your blog. I hope that all your readers will sponsor me for the Half Marathon.
Annelie xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
Please don't get uptight about an FEV1 reading from a few buck gadget. My little gadget also WAY under reads.
Just wait until Monday and rather beleive what the Doc's One Million Buck gadget says, OK.
Peter Leid