Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday night etc

Had an awesome day yesterday... Went to the beach again with my mom, then the two of us went to coffee and a scone. After that Anto, Daniel and I went for lunch at this cool place, where we also bumped into so friends from school! Then we got a cupcake, which we went to eat in St George's park, next to the cricket stadium.

Last night was the twins' birthday party, which was also very cool, and got to see quite a few people that I haven't seen since university. So all in all it was a great day.

On my way to go walk a hiking trail-thingy on the beach with my mom now... SPF 60 and all :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
It's so good to see you happy and glowing with your friends. Is that a Rose or a Red in your hand?
How was the walk Mrs Vosloo? Can you keep up with your daughter these days?

Bree said...

You look fab in your new pics deary! Nice and healthy!!!!!!!

Alice said...

Actually... it's some or other cocktail.