Monday, August 25, 2008

Flying Planes and Feeding Elephants!

Had an AWESOME day yesterday!!! Went to church, and then out for lunch with Paul's family. Went to Out Of Africa restaurant and had the yummiest buffet. You can also feed the elephants at a certain time, so that that was quite cool! There were two baby elephants too, but unfortunately I couldn't get any pics of them...

Afterwards we went... wait for it... FLYING!!!!! Was SO COOL... I just LOVE flying. It was my first time in a small plane, only been in commercial ones up to now. Enjoyed the small one more though, as you get to see a lot more, and because it's small you feel more 'vulnerable', which is fun. Paul also let me take over for a while, which was great. I also want a plane... maybe I'll create a fake blog like Gina and get people to donate money towards buying a plane, lol!!! It'll have to be a REALLY soppy story though...

Going for bloods and LTF (lung function test) in an hour's time, and then off to Pretoria. Back on Wednesday afternoon when I'll be gymming (I can barely walk after Saterurday, by the way), then going to church cell, then packing, then flying to PE on Thursday morning, and then it's 10 days of BIRTHDAY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, my uncle is a private pilot and engineer for Boeing in Seattle. I went on a doubleheader one day at Boeing Field in two Cessna 172's, which are small, 4-person, single-engine high-wing prop planes. What I liked was the "riding the waves" of air; really feeling those bumps but also knowing you were relatively safe. Also, those things turn on a dime, and in so doing, put you completely parallel to the ground, which is absolutely whacked.

It's a good life experience.


Dragonfly said...

Glad people can laugh about it now....hehe. There was a similar revelation last week by a well known pastor in Australia, who wrote a song about his "illness" which was on the most recent Hillsong CD (called Healer, I still quite like it, hey we don't throw out the Psalms because of David's sins). Yesterday at church the minister teased me about being sick (because I didn't have coffee for once), and said "she'll bring out a CD next".......

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice!
Bly jy het so 'n great dag gehad!
Mis jou baie en kan nie wag om jou later die week te sien nie.

Baie liefde

Jac said...

Sounds like you are having great fun :-) Hope the lung functions went ok!
Jac xx

Anonymous said...

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