Friday, August 15, 2008

I'M HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I FLEW HOME YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I booked my ticket a month ago, but didn't want to blog about it, as I wanted to surprise my friends!!!!! Unfortunately they all knew... dammit!!! I obviously didn't hide it good enough, and people overheard my sister talking, and bottom line is I didn't surprise any of them, lol!! At least they still seemed glad to see me!

Andrew organised supper at his apartment, which has the best view EVER, with Daniel and Antoinette. I also haven't been to his apartment in what feels like forever, as you really have to walk down and up a steep incline to get from the parking to the actual apartment, and I just couldn't do it anymore. Someone often carried me up the 'hill'... (and I was still more short of breath from holding on to them than they were from carrying 50kg up there!!!!)

It feels SO GOOD to be home. I haven't been here in 3.5 months!!!! The sea air is what I notice and miss the most. And the wind. And a big house vs small flat. And the cats. And of course my mom and sister!!! And friends. And just everything. Flying back Monday night, but luckily I'm back here in 2 weeks time for a WEEK!!!! Which also means I'm celebrating my birthday here. That is going to be one BIG celebration!!!!

This morning I'm spending with my sis, and we're prob going to the beach. This afternoon it's shopping with my mom, and tonight's probably a girl's night!!!!! Going to be a great day :-) I'm posting some pics I took during the flight after this...


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to make you aware of this so you will not waste one more precious second of your time and energy on it. . . . horrible, isn't it???

So thrilled that you are doing well
God Bless


Jac said...

Must be fantastic to go home - i can't imagine being away for that long!! Hope you have a fab time :-)
Jac x

Kelly said...

Hey ALice - how come in every picture you are holding a glass of wine?! Hehe! Must be wonderful being home catching up with old friends after so long. Have a fab time :-)

Gizela said...

Welkom hier by ons Alice!
Ek hoop dat jy 'n wonderlike naweek saam met al jou geliefdes sal he.
Dalk loop ons mekaar erens raak...
Mooi bly en geniet jouself!
Liefde G

Carol said...

Best News!!! Very happy for you!

Patyrish said...

So glad you are at home and doing well. You look great.