Wednesday, August 27, 2008


That's what my lung function was on Monday!!!!!!!!!!!! Well technically, I blew 4 times... the first 2 times I blew 99%, the 3rd time (lucky?) I got 101.5%, but did a stupid cough-thingy that messed up the graph... so they took the 4th one, 100.5% fev1% with a perfect graph... So I'm just liking the average of the last 2 blows... I'm ECSATIC about it, as you can imagine, and it is THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT I COULD EVER GET!!!!!!!!!!! So I'll be flying home tomorrow, not stressing about my lung-functions, and it'll be 2 weeks without any tests or anything. YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! X-ray was perfectly pretty too and bloods were fine.
Did a talk at Parktown Girls High today... only found out this morning that I would be doing it, so it was unprepared!!! So at 13h00 I found myself standing before about 1000 girls with a mike in my hand, trembling quite a bit!!!! It went fine though, I think... can't even remember clearly what I said, apart from obviously telling them to become organ donors and talking to their parents about doing the same!!!!! Got a beautiful bunch of roses from them, and a designer sugar-spoon!!!!! Gave the roses to Aviva, since they're of no use to me if I'm in PE, and she deserves them over and over again anyway!!!
Saw André today as well. He had a bit of a setback on Sunday, and had to be put back on the vent, but is doing fine now and back on track! On my way to gym now... although I can still feel my legs from Saturday's hellish super circuit... who knows, maybe that's what pushed my lungs over the 100% edge!!!!!!
Oh, and the kitty is Lily, my favourite, who I can't wait to see tomorrow!!!!!!!
P.S. Sad news... found out when I was visiting André now that one of the girls waiting for lungs have passed away... I met her once, in my Dr's waiting room... so sad... she got married a month ago :-(


Cindy said...

Alice, I'm so happy for you - you are doing so wonderfully with your new lungs!

Cindy in USA

Two blessings from above said...

101% That is great news!!!!

drained in sj said...

Happy Birthday...
(ok, not sure which day it is.....)

Jen said...

Thats AWESOME!!! Congrats on the great results! Happy Birthday and have a safe fun trip! :)

Gizela said... will make us 'healthy lung people' look unfit! heheeh...
Gits, ek kan dit amper nie glo nie, maar is so bly vir jou! Jy gaan nog leef tot jy 100 jaar oud is!
Sien uit na ons koffie erens die week wat kom. Lekker vlieg,
Groete Gizela

Anonymous said...

Yay for the super 101!
And well done for giving a talk.
Good to know Andre is back on track.
Have a lekker Birthday Alice!
Cheers, in Durbs.

Anonymous said...

You are inspiration. I have a daughter with CF and I can only hope she stays as healthy as you. Congrats on the great numbers.