Friday, August 29, 2008


Tonight I'm going out to party!!!!!!!!!! Have invited lots of people to come to Café Gondwana's (that I've never been to because I was too sick to go out), so it should be a blast... will be posting lots of pics no doubt :-)

Went to say hi to the ER nurse who always put my drips in for me, Jacky! Also did some nice shopping, although the shops here have NOTHING compared to JHB, so shopping here is rather depressing... and I also looked fat in the changeroom mirror... but that's a nice change to looking blue and having legs like sticks!!!!

This afternoon I spent chilling with my sis (she straightened my hair for tonight!!), and eating ice-cream and biltong and fruit-cake that my grandma made me for my birthday!!!

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Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Alice!

What is biltong?