Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Sunday of being 23...

Weekend's been good so far! Gym on Friday was great. Didn't stay there for long but it was short and intense!!!! Yesterday morning I went to visit André, and he is looking SOOOOOO GOOD. It's been 3 days after the op, and he is sitting in his chair, eating, talking, being pink... Was quite strange being in ICU and realising that EXACTLY 7 months ago I was in the same position! Can't believe I also had so many tubes coming out of me!!!! Thank goodness for Morphine, because LOOKING at it seems painfull now...

Went to gym again, and did the SUPER circuit, for the first time since about 1997, when I used to do it at the gym in PE on good days... It basically entails 18 weight-lifting machines, and steps. You do weights for 40 seconds (or a minute, not sure), then steps, then weights again, then steps, etc etc. It is TIRING!!!! It's not like I haven't been able to do it before now, it's just that I didn't have the guts to try... Needless to say I'm a bit sore today, and don't want to know what it's going to feel like tomorrow!!!!

Also did some shopping, and got myself a DVD and junk-food for supper. The pic is the Can You Twist clothing range, that my story was promoting!!!! It's at Woolworths!!! If you voted for my story (unfortunately I didn't win, CONGRATS RAGEL!!!!), go click on the Can You Twist box in the right panel, you may have won a shopping voucher!!! My sister and one of my friends did!!!

Finally, Thanks to Lou and Kelly, 2 readers who have sponsored Annelie so generously!!!! If there are more of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH to you too!!!!!!! It REALLY is a good cause!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm just a reader of Alice's blog, but Hi Andre, good to know you are doing well.
Hi to Peter too.
And congrats Ragel on winning the Can You Twist competition. I loved your story too, Alice.
Have a super Sunday.
Cheers, in Durbs.

redsaid said...

Girl, thank you so much for the congratulations here and over at facebook. I HONESTLY don't know how or why it happened to me. I certainly did NOT deserve it more than you or anyone else! And it was SUCH an honour for me to be featured alongside you, Jeanne, Bridget, Laurian and Nikki. You are all soooo unbelievably talented! I didn't think I had a chance... Please don't ever stop writing!?

I've been lurking here on your blog since the start of the contest and I just want to tell you that I think you're amazing. I really hope that we can get to meet in person one day! Hey, you said your birthday's coming up. When? So is mine! A fellow Virgo... :-)

P.S. Thank you, Anonymous from Durbs!

Alice said...

hey Ragel!

My birthday's on the 31st!!! Also hope we get to meet sometime!!!

redsaid said...

SQUEALS! Mine is on the 30th!!!!!!!

So cooool... And yes, it would really be cool to meet. We'll be forever 'twisted sisters' after all! :-)

Alice said...

Haha, great!!! I'm doing most of my celebrating on the 30th though, so for all practical purposes our b-days are on the same day!!!!!