Thursday, May 22, 2008

4 MONTHS!!!!!!!

My new lungies and me have been on this incredible and exciting journey for 4 months today!!!!!!!!!! Complication-free!!!!!!!! I am just SO gratefull towards God and the donor family for giving me this AWESOME gift of life and a future. I just love these lungs SO MUCH!!! They make me go so fast, and take me places where I haven't been in ages or ever before... So if you're not an organ donor yet... WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!! It takes less than a minute to register on-line. That's faster than making a cup of coffee. You DO have time for it. Go to NOW to register if you're South African...

Which brings me to my next VERY IMPORTANT point... PRAY THAT ANOTHER LUNG TRANSPLANT GETS DONE IN SA VERY VERY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!! The previous lung tx was 3 months ago... there are 20 people or so on the waiting list, all desperate for lungs. And at the rate of transplants happening A LOT of them won't make it... So I really beg you, just take a few seconds out of your day (after registering if you're not a donor of course), and pray for a successfull lung transplant... I really beleive in the power of prayer, and it's no coincidence that my tx journey has been without any problems... I've had you guys and countless folks at home praying for me, and they still do, and I'm so thankfull for it.

That's pretty much all I've got on my heart. Still looking for a job, had one unsuccessfull interview so far, but I may have found something VERY promising last night. Going for a mystery x-ray tomorrow, which my Dr said I shouldn't worry about, as he's just being over-cautious. But that's like telling a child not to touch the wet paint... obviously they ARE going to touch it!!! But I'm not THAT worried, because my lung function is better that ever and I'm not feeling short of breath or anything funny.


Gizela said...

Hallo,ek wou jou al so baie gese het: ek het my organ donating papiere was na 'n maand in die posbus. En Arno sin het net so vinnig opgedaag! So daardie mense is tog op die ball!
Mail my oor die ander interview. Sal graag wil weet hoe dit gaan. Was gister by tandarts....en my tande pyyyyyyyyyyyyyn!
Mooi bly, lekker dag!

Destini said...

Way to Go! 4 months! It still amazes me how you can have a double lung transplant and be so active so soon. Our God is certainly great!

MilePost13 said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 4 month mark! I'm realy pleased you have had no complications, heres hoping the next four months are as good as the first!
Good luck with the x-ray and hope you find a job soon!

Big hugs!!

Clarey xxxx

Ordinarylife said...

4 Months - well done!

Also just check your link to the website, it does not work!

mizasiwa said...

well done, and hope you have a fantastic weekend!!