Thursday, May 22, 2008


So it seems like prayers are being answered and a guy is getting a lung today! So far his op is starting at 4pm... EXACTLY 4 months after mine (I also went into theatre at 4pm) He has Pulmonary Fibrosis. Don't know much more... I'm feeling totally hyper and might not even be able to fall asleep tonight! Just re-living all those emotions!


Sylvie said...

This is great! :-)

Lynette said...

Hi Alice,
Thanks for all the support you have given my niece, Lucille!!You have been an absolute inspiration to all of us. So glad that someone is getting new lungs tonight!!! Will pray that all goes well. Lets hope all goes well with Lu's medical aid.
Lots of love and God Bless
Lynette Stais

Alice said...

Thanks Lynette!

It's a pleasure, Lucille is great, and I REALLY want things to work out for her the way they did for me, and she has so much to live for!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness thats great :D !
Clarey x

Anonymous said...

YAY! great news! keep up the good awareness alice! oh and btw congrats on the 4months, jy bliksem die siekte heeltemal in die helfte. =)

Donald , SA

Anonymous said...

*yeah* see prayers work big time. When I was sitting in the chair at my doc's office, I gave a little prayer for the possible lung recipient. Ironically .. that would have been about 3pm your time.