Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Morning

Had the most fun-filled day yesterday!!! The shopping was great, at least got to buy some stuff! (Not at the designer stores, but the department ones though!) Sandton City is SO HUGE... we didn't even manage to see the whole mall, it's just too big!!! Had lunch in Nelson Mandela Square, which has a great vibe! First time I've been there, and will definitely go again! On the way home we did the scenic route through Houghton and Melrose, which really took our breath away. Those houses/mansions are so big and so beautiful and all the trees are lovely! We then got lost in a not so scenic area, but with 2 clever brains like ours it isn't a problem!

In the afternoon we went for coffee with family of Louz, and then had supper with Carli and her family to celebrate her dad's birthday! The restaurant where we went is called Cynthia's Indigo Moon, and is very nice and fancy. Had the most delicious steak (of course)! And it was great spending time with Carli again as well. I've really known her and Louzanne FOREVER!

This morning we want to check out zoo lake, as we've never been there before. Then we're going to watch Juno on dvd, and after that we're going to church! Hope you are having a great weekend as well!!


Princess Talana said...

You make me want to go to South Africa sooooooooo badly!

Also funny to read the title Sunday Morning, when my brain is firmly cemented in Saturday even if it is Sunday technically!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
Don't hold back.... have a full GO sweet cheeks. How are you getting to the ODF party on Tuesday? Do you want a lift?
Peter Leid (CF Man)