Monday, May 19, 2008

The rest of the weekend...

Yesterday's trip to Zoo Lake was great! We took a blanket, a bunch of magazines, and some snacks with, and just chilled out and did some people-watching and talking about life etc! VERY nice and relaxing and fun! Afterwards we took a walk around the lake, and had coffee at this very cool restaurant, Moya. On the way home we saw some nice places to explore next time!

Then we watched Juno on dvd! I've been wanting to watch it forever, but when it was showing at the movies I wasn't allowed to go yet! It was a really cute film, and I wasn't disappointed. We also went to church, which was cool as usual.

Today's going to be another day of being a housewife. Have to do ironing, buy food, clean the flat a bit, make supper... not very exciting, but I really can't complain after the weekend I've had! Looking forward A LOT to tomorrow evening... Netcare is hosting a supper for everyone involved with the heart and lung transplants at the hotel next to the hospital. I'm not quite sure what to expect, but looking forward to it anyway! Will post all about it on Wednesday!


Muriel said...

Enjoy your domestic duties :)

Anonymous said...

Julle lyk so mooi in julle foto's! dit lyk asof julle 'n great naweek gehad het! Pappa het die naweek vir my kaartjies bespreek om op te vlig in my vakansie. Gaan vir twee weke by jou kuier, kan nie wag nie. Geniet jou huislike verpligtinge.

Gizela said...

Alice, behalwe jou aansteeklike opgewondenheid oor die lewe, het jy 'n manier om Jhb soos 'n sprokie te laat klink. Ek wou nog nooit soontoe gaan nie, maar wanneer ek al jou wedervaringe lees, dan verlang ek ook om dit te sien. So bly dat jy dit geniet!
Mooi bly!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,
looks like everything is going great for you. Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

That's a happy, relaxed looking Alice if I ever saw one!!
Cheshire Cat comes to mind.
Later Alice.
Peter Leid (CF Man)

Anonymous said...

OOOOH I loved seeing Juno! Its quite a quirty film! :)

Also loved the pics of the ducks! Two of my fave things on one post! I liked this one :D !!!