Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lat night's transplant function/'supper'

Last night's transplant 'supper' was really nice. Although it wasn't really a supper... just snacks, which was a bit disappointing, as I had been starving (eating a bit less than usual) myself the entire afternoon, lol! Paul, my pulmonoligist, did a speech, as well as one other Dr and quite a few recipients. All of it was very touching, and there was a gentleman who has had his new heart for 19 years! Hopefuly in 19 years time (when all my Drs have probably retired or gone senile from too much stress!) I'll also be there...

The pic on the left, above, is (from left to right): another woman who had a lung tx (can't remember her name), Paul Williams, Peter, me(obviously), Aviva, Greg Hammond. All the transplant recipients received a leather wallet and nice pen as well. Probably a gift of thanks to each one of us for boosting their income so rapidly with each transplant! If any Netcare people read this: just joking!

The rest of yesterday was quite boring... Although I did have a good gym session, I was really lazy for the rest of the day. Going to gym again today, and going to church cell again tonight, looking forward to that!


Anonymous said...

Hey Paul!!!!!
I didn't see Alice sneak in a photo with Greg did you?? Why not us? We have to see who her favourite is on the internet - with tears in my ears. PL

Anonymous said...

Well I think SHE looks very cute. Our pics would need too much touching up I think.PGW

Jac said...

It's really great to hear that someone is 19 years post transplant :-) Gives us a lot of hope. Glad to read you had such a good weekend!
Jac x