Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A year ago...

28 May 2007. That was one of the worst days EVER. I almost killed a woman with my car. She was standing in the middle of a few lanes, and I was driving very slowly (luckily!!!) as I was trying to change lanes, and she just started to walk, probably thinking I would be in the next lane by the time I got to her, which I wasn't, and had to do an emergency stop. Luckily there weren't any cars behind me (good old PE traffic...), and she didn't get hurt, but I got the fright of my life! That was bad thing #1.

When almost hitting said woman, I was on my way to supper with my boyfriend and a close friend (who is actually also an ex, now that I think of it...weird). On the way home I was really struggling to breathe, and probably coughed up some blood as well. So while trying to stay alive and not think of the semi-fight my boyfriend and I just had, I drove over a red traffic light. (note: I am NOT a bad driver, contrary to what happened on this day) And there was a camera, that took a picture, and I got a R500 fine. At least I wrote them a letter of apology and said I'm a poor student-didn't mention the not-being-able-to-breathe, what if they said I'm not fit to drive?!- and so they reduced the fine to R300. Bad thing #2.

And now for bad thing #3... the boyfriend broke up with me, at about 11pm that night. He was my longest bf ever (only 9months, but that's long for me), and I really thought that I might marry this guy (thank goodness I'm not though!). So there I was, shattered, not being able to sleep, not being able to breathe. Broken heart and broken lungs...very dramatic, I know! But anyway, at least we get along now, and everything is fine I guess.

28 May 2008. My heart is happy, my lungs are SUPER, making new friends of all ages, getting fit, praparing for the Transplant Olympics (see previous post), getting a job, loving life.

So what's the big life lesson? When things are REALLY REALLY LOW, in a year's time, they may be REALLY REALLY GREAT.


Kelly said...


Never posted a comment before but have been reading for a couple of weeks now and think your blog is awesome - entertaining, thought provoking and inspiring. Amazing what difference a year can make.

All the best, Kelly

Bree said...

You know my position on this: men aren't worth running red lights over, unless you're running that red light to run them over.

Matt Todd said...

It's amazing the difference a year can make isn't it. I was in the hospital this time last year. Our house was just finished being built and we had just moved in. Now I'm on the tx list and we have two dogs and our house was just barely missed by a tornado.

Anonymous said...

Alice, having seen you work out at the gym now, I think you have a hidden agenda! You don't just want to go to the Transplant Olympics.... you want to bring back all the bling too, don't you?? When we come back from the Gold Coast Olympics, your blog will be: "What a difference 20 months can make!!" Me, I'll enter the 10km walk. I'm allowed, I'm old/er.
How can you admit to something you've done in the past, ON THE INTERNET, that you haven't told your Mom yet? Have you melted a cell or something?
You're right, the Ultimate Teen Guide - Cystic Fibrosis by Melanie Ann Apel is very good. Quite daunting when you realise how many CFs she has known but who have died from the condition over the past twenty years. Humbles me to think how lucky I've been compared to some and how double lucky to have had this Miraculous Transplant. I'll give the book to Paul on Friday when I see him.
Later, Peter Leid (CF Man)

Gizela said...

You go girl!! Wat 'n awesome idee om Transplant Olimpics toe te gaan! Ek gaan definitief julle beste supporter wees.
Lekker dag! Enige nuus van werk?

Destini said...

You certainly bring up some interesting points. It is hard to see God's big picture when you are going through the tough times, but when you finally emerge from the fire so-to-speak, the plan becomes more clear.

I'm cheering you on!

Ordinarylife said...

A year does make a huge difference! Just imagine what you could be saying this time next year.

Jen said...

HI Alice,

This is my first post I have been reading your blog since Nathan posted your newspaper article on his blog months ago. I am currently on the transplant list in Florida...I just started my blog today if you want to check it out. I am glad you are doing so well it gives me a glimpse of what to look forward to.