Monday, May 12, 2008

A new week!

So my weekend was quite nice! On Saturday morning Particia and I went to the Irene Fleamarket, which was very cool. They really had nice stuff there, not the usual fleamarket junk. And very yummy food! I got some low GI turkish delight (love that stuff!), that was supposed to last the whole week, but only lasted 1 day. Also got some (what looked like) yummy cheese, but I forgot it in my grandfather's fridge :-(. I will HAVE to go and buy some at the shops today, because I've got a cheese craving now...

We got some VERY nice beef with sweet and sour chilly sauce shwarma's for lunch, that we ate at home. Spent the afternoon watching E! Entertainment and reading mags. And saw the repeat of the 'A boy called Alex' documentry! After that they dropped me at my grandfather's house, where I just chilled and read a bit, and took a pic of a 'kwê-voël'. It's a kind of bird (obviously), but I don't have a clue what it's called in English! Yesterday we had lunch at my Aunt and Uncle's place, and my 2 cousins were there as well, which was a nice suprise! One of them is married with 2 children, and the little girl is SOOOOO CUTE!!!! Her name is Lana and she eats A LOT! She almost gave me a run for my money! After that when my dad and grandfather was taking a nap, I got to see last week's Grey's Anatomy episode!!!! Yay!!!!

When we got back I went to church, which had a great sermon about prayer, not really predictable or boring at all (which a sermon on prayer might sound like!). And there's going to be a cell-group meeting on Wednesday, which I'm looking forward to!

What else? Going to gym later this morning, looking forward to running again, as my legs aren't sore anymore! Then I have to do some serious food (and cheese) shopping, as we're running out of food here! And speaking of which, I need to have breakfast now, which is actually my least favourite meal of the day. Such a limited choice... *sigh*


Gizela said...

More Alice,
klink na 'n lekker naweek.
Stem saam met ontbyt...het sopas my bakkie corn flakes sit en eet...hoe boring...maar ek moet ontbyt eet. Hoop jy het iets meer interessants gehad.
Mooi bly!

Jenty said...

It's a Grey Lourie ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
Yes it's a tough life at the moment isn't it. Lets see +/- 30mins on the blog, maybe another hour surfing the net, don't forget breakfast, then you can take your pills, and off to gym, and then lunch, squeeze in a bit of TV, maybe take the car for a run, squeeze in an interview or two and then supper. Don't forget the evening pills!! Yes we have it tough at the moment, but someone has to do it right? Sometimes the whole trip seems like a dream. How can I feel this good? and yet I know what the past three months required. Peter Leid (CF Man)