Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thrilling Thursday!

Yesterday was great, the best day of the week so far! Went to visit Lucille and guy called Louis at the hospital in the morning, saw a few familiar faces, had a short chat with my Dr and was introduced to another CF guy in the process of being listed. Also had lunch with Aviva, which was great as always. When I got home, there was an e-mail from Carte Blanche asking me to mail them my story, as they are considering doing a follow-up to "A boy called Alex"! That would really be great...

Last night I went to my first church home-cell meeting. We had a farewell braai (BBQ), as one of the couples are leaving for East-London. It was really very nice, and met some great people. And the best thing about socialising with these people is that NO-ONE SMOKES!!! Which is rare under young people here. Don't ask me why, but people smoke A LOT more here than in PE... maybe they're more stressed out, but I hate it, and it really irritates me, and I don't always want to be the bitch who tells them to go smoke outside.

Going to gym again this morning. No stiffness left, so it's all systems go! Especially as I might not make it to gym tomorrow, as I'm going to be spending the whole morning at the hospital (for bloods, x-ray, lung function, and appointment with Dr Williams), and have to fetch my bestest bestest best friend Louzanne at the airport. My dad's also going home this weekend, so for 3 nights it's it's going to be the 2 of us!!!! LONG sleepover, yay!!! We thought about it the other day, the last time we spent 3 nights together was January 2004 (I'm good with dates OK, not some nurd that writes everything down! Except for the blog of course... but that's cool!), more that 4 years ago! So my mind's just racing with all the fun things we can do!

P.S. thanks for all the comments on the last post. Seems like the way to get people to comment is by disclosing scandalous info! I must remember that, lol!


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
Hope this weekend is perfect. Best friends are special and as you get older they get more important still!! I'm with you on the SMOKING front - ignorance is a nasty enemy but as in law it's not an excuse.
I'll have to check to see if I got an e-mail from Carte Blanche too. I'll let you know tomorrow at Mill Park. Same times as last time? Later Peter Leid (CF Man)

Jac said...

It's great to read about all the things you can do post transplant - gives me hope for where I might be in a few months time.

Have fun with your best friend!

Destini said...

As always, it is so refreshing to hear you tell of all your adventures...really makes me think of all the little things (like breathing) that I take for granted! Keep up the good work! Have a great time with your friend!

Anonymous said...

Come on Peter--smoking pays my bond and cars!

On the other hand if I'm late as usual blame the tobacco companies!

With you on the best friends.You can't make new "old friends" PGW

Two blessings from above said...

I hope your hospital appointment is nothing but good news.
Have a great time with you best friend.

Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like you are having so much fun!

I had a BBQ last weekend, it was sooooo yum! I love them. And the sun! :D

The follow up to a boy called alex sounds exciting!

Catch up soon hun xxx


kidsworld said...

Hi Alice! I read every day but have only commented a handful of times. It's great, as usual, to read of all your adventures. Seems there's never a dull moment in your life. Thanks for sharing.

Dragonfly said...

Yay for the no smoking. I couldn't believe how long it took for it to come in in Australia.

Anonymous said...

hey Allie
wens jou en Luce sommer hope fun!!se baie liefde..en ek is so bly dat dit goed gaan da. ek het natuurlik GROOT nuus. sal na die naweek vertel.baie liefde