Monday, May 26, 2008

The weekend continued

My mom and I went for a bit of shopping yesterday morning. Got me some slippers, as my old ones have holes in them from wearing them almost 24/7 last year. My new ones almost look like Ugg Boots and when you wear them it feels like you're walking on cushions! VERY cool... Also got Louzanne a prezzie for her 24th birthday which was yesterday (she probably won't be reading my blog this week, so she won't know!). She's coming to visit again next weekend, so we'll celebrate properly then! Joburg watch out!!!!!!

We also had coffee (as you can see on the pics), before we headed home and had some Woolies pizza for lunch and American Fudge Factory fudge that got for free for dessert!!! We were in the shop, wanting to buy Death By Chocolate fudge (the only death I'll settle for), when the guy behind the till didn't have ANY change, so he gave it to us for free!!!!
Dropped my mom off at the airport at about 2:30pm. Went to church last night, which was very good, and that was my weekend! Seeing my mom and Annelie in 2 weeks time, so that's also cool. I really have fun stuff happening every weekend!!! Making up for all those crap, lonely, boring, frustrating, sick ones last year...
Not much planned for today, except GYM, as per usual. At least the sun is shining again today. It's quite cold at the moment!!! This coastal girl is not used to this, and apparently it's still gonna get a lot worse... bleh.


Anonymous said...

Dit lyk asof julle 'n lekker tyd gehad het! Wens ek kon saam met julle gekuier het.
Geniet die gym, ek moet nou weer gaan leer.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
I'm glad your weekends are happy times, you deserve them, you bring so much happiness and hope to others through your blogspot. Visiting your blog has become a twice daily ritual for me now.
Later, Peter Leid (CF Man)

Mizasiwa said...

Hey Alice, watch out it really is only going to get colder. My goodness it never actually rains here - did you see the rain earlier?!! CCCCCraaazy!!! hence my reasoning for living is joburg and NOT the cape;-)
Keep well and have a good week.