Saturday, May 24, 2008

"It's Saturday night and I aint got no party"

That's the only descriptive title I could think of. Today's been nice, went to gym this morning, which was suprisingly full for 8:30am on a Saturday! When I got home I was invited to watch rugby with some young people from church. I have never really liked or understood rugby (except couch-rugby of course, but that's a whole different sport ;-), but the company was good, got to know some cool people better and we had pizza afterwards.

I've also realised (especially with Trevor's transplant this week), that I really want to be involved with talking to donor families before transplant, as well as the recipients before and after transplant. I think that having had a transplant and having done 4 pshycology modules at university qualifies me for the job. That is if a job like that even exists, which I will find out... it obviously won't be full-time or anything, because they don't do that many transplants, but would love to do something like that on top of a 'normal' part-time job or whatever. Anyway, I'll figure it out as I go along!

Tonight we're just chilling (again), watching a dvd and eating steak pie, yummy! My mom and I will probably do a bit of shopping tomorrow morning, and she has to be at the airport in the afternoon. My favourite aunt from the UK, Annelie (who often comments on my blog), will be arriving in SA tomorrow as well!!! Can't wait to see her, as she is like our second mom, but unfortunately she will be spending 2 weeks on my grandparents' farm first, before coming up to Joburg with my mom for a few days. We are going to have a BALL of a time... can't wait!!!


Two blessings from above said...

No party here either.
Sounds like a great PT job!
Steak pie sounds good. My husband is from Scotland so we get meat pies every now and then.
Enjoy your visit with your aunt.

Anonymous said...

"It's your party and you can cry if you want to...." No time for pity parties young lady, just max out with your Mom and look forward to sharing time with her and your aunt in a couple of weeks OK. Meantime, I got my laugh back!! It just happened yesterday. Six more days and I join you in the "100day Club". Your greatest admirer, Peter Leid (CF Man)

Jac said...

Sounds like a great idea for a job! If it doesn't exist you should create the post, lol :-)

Great to read about you doing so well., and that your xray was looking good. Long may it continue!
Jac x