Thursday, September 11, 2008


Back in JHB, yay!!!!!!! I've been busy busy busy and I love it! Where to start... my blood results from Monday were all good... all the levels as they should be etc. Hopefully that means no bloods next week (and hopefully my Dr reads this and gets the hint!!!!)!!!

Been doing a lot of gymming... went to gym in Pretoria on Tuesday, and what an experience... the gym was full of rugby jocks and poppies (Barbie dolls..?). Like one friend of mine said, those guys bench-press weights that are higher than their IQ's!!! In the past week I will have been to 4 different gyms!!! Going gymming with Jenny tomorrow too at her gym. And have just come back from gym now!!!! Now that I don't have any pain or fear of ripping open my chest, I can really push myself. Tonight on the eliptical trainer my average heart-rate was 162 bpm, which is pretty high for me. I've also started seeing the gym as a means to control my weight (never in my wildest dreams thought I'd say this a year ago)... I've gained 8kg since transplant (that's a kilo per month!!!!!!), and although I know some of this is muscle, I just don't want to gain any more. Not that I'm one of those anorexic freaks, anything but, but I just find this new gymming-motive interesting :-)

But enough of gym... I'M GOING FOR ANOTHER INTERVIEW ON MONDAY!! Haven't heard anything from the previous interview yet, but all these jobs are for next year, so don't think they're in a hurry. So that's quite exciting...

Not sure what's happening this weekend yet, but sure it'll be cool. Hopefully the weather stays as awesome as it's been this week... LOVE the warm weather... anyway, I'm off to go get myself cleaned up after gym... enjoy your evening.

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