Saturday, September 20, 2008

My mom's here!!!!

THE INTERVIEW went well I think... will find out soon hopefully!!!
Forgot to mention yesterday that my mom is here for a good 10 days or so!!!! We went to fetch her at the airport last night, and this morning we went to check out the Oriental Plaza, and went for coffee (at very cool place that I took all the pics of!) and veggie shopping. (I don't eat much vegetables, which is a bad thing, but today we're having baked vegetables for lunch). My mom and I are going shopping this afternoon, 'cause I need summer clothes!!!! For work and casual!!! I barely have any work clothes for summer, and I got so fat I don't fit into lots of my old summer clothes anymore, lol!!!!
I'm sleeping over at Jenny's tonight and tomorrow night, as Paul (my Dr) is going to Lisbon for some conference. It's going to be great! And then going to Pretoria again on Monday morning, having coffee with someone in the afternoon, then gym, and coming back on Tuesday afternoon, as Wednesday is a public holiday. So won't be blogging again till Tuesday evening... And hold thumbs that I'll have some EXCELLENT work-related news then...


Two blessings from above said...

Praying for good news on the interview. Enjoy your mom's visit.

Anonymous said...

ek LOVE die oriental plaza! kan onthou dat ons daar gan shop elke jaar vandat ek klein was, hul het die beste kaas samoesas! mmmm! hoop jy het een geproe!

Anonymous said...

Dit lyk so lekker. Ek wens ek kon ook saam met julle gekuier het. Geniet dit!
Chrislie xxx