Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday in PE

Been a busy week so far! Our pc broke yesterday (coincidentally after I switched it off...mmm) so I have lots of stuff to catch up on. Got it back last night at least, and now it's A LOT FASTER, which is awesome!!! So I'll try and load Kelly's video again... will let you know when it works!!!

I'm trying to see as many friends as possible while here. I've also changed my gym membership so that I can gym at any virgin club, so I went to gym yesterday!! I haven't been at our gym since 2003, so it was rather weird, but cool.

BREE GOT THE CALL YESTERDAY!!!! But unfortunately the donor deteriorated too quickely... I'm sure there's a reason she didn't get lungs yesterday, but at least we know she's at the top of the list etc... praying that you'll get lungs soon Bree!!!!!!!

Not much news other than that... nothing much happens here in PE at the best of times ;-) I might be starting to miss JHB a bit... the weather at least!!!!!


Jac said...

Glad to hear all is well with you! Keeping my fingers crossed that Bree gets the call soon :-)
jac x

Bree said...


I'll cross my fingers, toes and ovaries that the call comes for myself soon!