Saturday, September 13, 2008


IN 2 WEEKS TIME!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see I got a reply!!!!!!!! To qualify for the World tx games in Australia next year I have to compete in the National tx Games in Pretoria in 2 weeks time!!!!! On the 26th and 27th of Sept... WOW... I've got to fax some forms through by Wednesday (they're making an exception for me, the deadline was in July...), and then I'm entered!!! They already ordered my NUMBER :-) Officially you're only allowed to take part 1 year after transplant... and I'm only 7.5 months... BUT if my Dr says it's fine (which he does), then I'm allowed to take part!!!!

I'm allowed to take part in 5 events... I'll def be doing the following (qualifying times in brackets)
  • squash (they check you out and decide how well you're playing)
  • 100m sprint (16 seconds)
  • 200m sprint (35.5 seconds)
  • 3km walk (27 mins)

I'll basically be trying my luck in the squash and sprinting, but sure I'll be able to do the 3km in 27 mins... Then there's also a 3km run with qualifying time of 18mins, but considering all the track events are on the same day, it might be a bit much... and 18 mins for 3 km is pretty FAST...

SO I'm REALLY excited about this... all pshyced up for gym now as you can imagine!!!!


Anonymous said...

Allie, dis exciting!! Sterkte...Gaan jy ekstra oefen of is gym toe gaan genoeg?

Anonymous said...

exciting stuff! :)


Annelie said...

Alice go for Gold, you can do it!!!!

Dragonfly said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK! dis awesome!

Bree said...


*goes Jerry Springer on you*

But i'm incredibly jealous and happy at the same time!!!!!!!!

drained in sj said...

You have soooo much going on in your life. Good for you. I think its fantastic that you have the opportunity to compete, regardless of how you place. -Lou

Anonymous said...

Ooooh ALICE!!
Now you've done it!
I've sent off my e-mail (copy you and our Doc) to Mnr. Willie Uys.
I hope they can make one more exception so I can continue trying to catch up with your milestone making!! Somehow calling you an inspiration doesn't do you justice.
What's a word that says "get off your lazy butt and do it"? PL

Anonymous said...

I'm post liver transplant- I was wondering if you can let me know where to get started- how do I find out if I'm good enough to take part (I used to swim competitively when I was younger). Basically, whom should I contact...