Monday, September 8, 2008

Marvellous Monday

My first day back in Joburg has been great. Went for bloods etc this morning, still waiting for the blood results, FEV1% was only 93%, but FeNO 14, so whatever... it (FEV) obviously won't conform, so I'm happy with everything above 90%!! And if the FeNO stays low it means no rejection, which makes me happy!!! Went to see André, who is doing great and will probably go home sometime this week. Also went to see Lynn, a 22-year old girl getting her work-up done. Was really nice, she's been following my blog for a while! It's exciting for me to see more young people getting on the list etc. Hopefully soon I won't be the youngest one with new lungs anymore!!!

Also had a haircut!!! My hair's been a mess lately... 3 months after tx it started falling out HECTICALLY... so I lost probably half of the hair on my head :-( THEN it started growing back with vengance... and one of the Prograf 'side-effects' is that the hair on your head grows out thicker. (of course I didn't believe this when my Dr told me at first, but seems like he MAY be proving me wrong...) 2 months or so ago I cut it myself (with the result that I can't wear it down AT ALL, 'cause it's all skew and messed up. So now it's cut properly... YAYYYYYYY!!!!!

Went shopping for summer clothes too, and got a cool skirt. The weather is AMAZING here today... was 35 degrees when I drove to gym now-now (went gymming with my new shirt again, lol!!!), so it feels like summer is here!!!! YAY... compared to PE it feels like a different freaking hemisphere!!! LOVE IT...

So all in all it was a great day... nice being back. Off to Pretoria tomorrow, where I can also gym now because I changed my membership. Will be back on Thursday evening...



Anonymous said...

hey.baie cool hair do! So jy se jyt vandag geniet! Klink awesome. Dog ek laat jou net weet daai tshirt wat jou vriende vi jou gemaak het is baie cool! Leke aand.don

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
Thanks for the 200 day encouragement!! I might be 27 years older than you, but in terms of Tx, you'll always be 29 days older than me!!!!!!!!! Good thing, you wouldn't be my milestone maker otherwise, would you? PL

Anonymous said...

Peter, congrats from me too!
Your hair cut looks lovely, Alice.
Glad you had a marvellous monday.
Cheers, in Durbs.