Saturday, September 13, 2008

COLD saturday :-(

It's freezing today, which sucks after the nice weather we've been having... Don't have much on my aganda today... just gymming. (Jenny and I ended up rather going for lunch and shopping than gymming yesterday... :-) Also going to the zoo tomorrow, which will be cool.

I e-mailed the guys in charge of the SA World Transplant Olympics team this morning... you can fill in an application form to register to take part on their web-site, but for some reason I keep on getting an 'error' page. So I rather e-mailed them. Need to know how everything works, as it's less than a year away! 23-30 August 2009. And I'm VERY keen to take part. Will keep you updated.

Today would've been Sam's (pic on the left) 25th birthday... I posted about her in the beginning of August, she passed away a little while ago, after getting lungs at the end of Dec last year. Thinking of you Sam... now you really are an angel...

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