Tuesday, September 9, 2008

exciting new website launch...

The site http://www.wellsphere.com/ is being launched today... As you can see from my badge on the right, I contribute to it (they use some of my blog entries etc.), and so my blog-readers can check it out before it gets introduced to the media... here's what it's about:

Starting today, instead of having to search multiple websites and finding
generic medical information over and over again, people can finally get
firsthand accounts of what it’s like to deal with serious medical issues, hear
from doctors the inside scoop on handling difficult diagnoses, and get personal
advice from healthy living experts – all in one place.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alice
Went to Wellsphere. I don't think I'll be going back. How seriously can one take the site when they limit CF to children's health? Don't they know that 50% of people with CF are over the age of 18yrs? The treatment for children & adults is very different. I'll stick with your blog, Paul, Greg and Joe. PL
PS I have a list of 6 Virgin Active Clubs all with Squash facilities, near enough to get together for a game - just say when OK.

Alice said...

Yes that did surprise me...

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,

It's actually under Family Health on Wellsphere; probably just needed to be updated. I like the information they have. Enjoy your writings, by the way.

Lisa T.